Hello !
My name is Kathy and I am a Life Coach.

My Coaching training is double: at Efic – Escuela de Formación Integral de Coaching, Madrid, I learnt the initial academics and from my life experience, I got the Human(e) dimension.
I had the opportunity to travel quite a bit during my life, first alone and later together with my family. My husband our three wonderful sons and I got to live in five different countries across two continents (Asia and Europe).
From these such different worlds, I had the opportunity to discover about their people, their traditions and their customs (im)merging myself in their cultures and languages: all this allowed me to build my Humanity and character.

About Kathy

About | Kathy Carriço Coach


When I chose the Coaching path, no one around me was surprised : I enjoy surrounding myself with diverse people as well as it is a part of me to help others: today as a mother, wife and friend, yesterday as a First responder for the Red Cross (https://leiria.cruzvermelha.pt) at first and later as a Volunteer Firefighter (at the beginning at Bombeiros Voluntários da Ortigosa – http://www.bvortigosa.pt – and later at Bombeiros Voluntários de Leiria – http://bvleiria.pt).

Being a Coach is something I take really seriously and that is why I am a member of the ICF Portugal (International Coach Federation) of which ethics code (https://coachingfederation.org/ethics/code-of-ethics) I chose to abide by.

Being an ICF member also allows me to benefit from their team spirit and ideas, experiences and learning sharing ideology as well as Coaching tools that, together with my educational training (International Trade, Marketing, Advertising, Communication and Criminal Psychology) my vocational training and personal background, inspire me to professionally practice Life Coaching.

This is all that that I bring to My Coaching.


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About | Kathy Carriço Coach

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